Our Story

Seasons Culinary Services, Inc was established in January of 1998. Seasons currently manages multiple staff restaurants, catering operations, conference service departments and vending for local and regional law firms, associations and corporations.  Seasons is owned and operated by Jorgen Petersen, Mary Kate Spainhour, Claus Nielsen and Art Witebsky. Two of Seasons owners are chefs. This authenticates our food focus!

Seasons Culinary Services, Inc. was formed in response to the ever-growing demand for increased personal attention and culinary flair in the food service industry.  Seasons officers have come from large corporations, restaurants and hotels to build our vision of true food service in the corporate environment.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate name describes our corporate philosophy. We want to be known as a “culinary service” because we want the emphasis to be on our food.  We feel that our name will raise the expectation of what we serve and how we present it. We aim to provide locally sourced food, creative menus, home made food from scratch, colorful presentation, and healthy alternatives in a simple and clean atmosphere.

Our Legacy

Our legacy is our ability to generate the optimal financials for our clients. Our belief is “Great food first!…the financials will follow.” Seasons captures sales via the innovation mentioned above and manages offsetting expenses carefully! Seasons is a regional food service company incorporated in Washington, DC.